Managing food allergies traveling

managing food allergies traveling

Worrying about your food allergies when you travel for work can take you away from fully participating in the.
One of the easier places to manage a food allergy is in your home. in the house in a convenient, safe place that everyone knows, and one that travels with you.
(Budget Travel) -- At a London restaurant three years ago, Olivia Giovetti, a Los Angeles writer with a severe allergy to hazelnuts, asked if the..

Managing food allergies traveling -- expedition

Carry a note card that clearly states, in the language of the country you're visiting, what foods you can't eat. Here are a few suggestions for how you could enlist their support:. If you're going on a tour, ask the operator about regional differences in the food that may affect you. The good news is there are things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of having a fun vacation interrupted by an adverse reaction to food.
managing food allergies traveling

They can also include leaders and attendees who are not involved in your day-to-day work and may not be aware of your needs and accommodations. Food allergies are characterized by an abnormal bodily reaction upon exposure to food that the body views as harmful. An interesting or humorous sign can be a great conversation-starter and help reinforce the importance of taking your allergies seriously. But for families with food allergies, a relaxing break can become a harrowing adventure. If someone managing food allergies traveling than you or your family like a teacher or friend's parent is organizing your trip, be sure that person is clear on what your needs are.

Journey: Managing food allergies traveling

  • Meetings and trainings often involve settings where people traditionally snack.
  • If you're going on a tour, ask the operator about regional differences in the food that may affect you. When traveling, it is critical to carry two epinephrine auto-injectors with you at all times in order to be prepared for a severe allergic reaction. It is recommended that you also show the prescription label from the pharmacy and a note from your doctor that confirms your food allergy.
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  • Speak to your supervisor about the current norms set up for the kitchen space. Thoroughly clean counters, cutting boards, knives, slicers, spoons, measuring cups, mixing bowls and other food prep equipment between foods.
  • Keep in mind that employers are obligated to keep employees' medical information confidential, except in the case that you require emergency treatment.

Food Allergy: Practical Diagnosis and Management

Managing food allergies traveling -- journey easy

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managing food allergies traveling