Expedition team trnski

expedition team trnski

What do you hope to achieve on this expedition to the Kermadecs? What skills are you bringing to the team on this expedition? Dr Tom Trnski ” width=.
The Kermadec Biodiscovery Expedition in 2011 resulted in significant collections documenting the coastal marine biodiversity and the findings have just been published We have assembled a team of researchers to: Dr Tom Trnski ” width=.
Tom Trnski grew up at a beachside suburb in Melbourne and spent his summers sciences team and I support the museum's research and collection activities...

Expedition team trnski -- going Seoul

Natural Sciences Collection Manager. Expedition Team View Video Galley. I have a dual role as the manager of the Natural Sciences team at the Auckland Museum, and a smaller fraction of my time is to undertake marine research activities. Our Big Blue Backyard. This expedition is definitely a team effort, and we require a range of skills that are not available in any one organisation.

expedition team trnski

Expedition Teams: From Wisconsin to Russia