Female bloggers reveal women love traveling india

female bloggers reveal women love traveling india

Blogger Anita Hendrieka breaks down the stereotypes of solo travel in India as she shares her experiences in India as a female solo traveler. I love traveling solo because I feel like I take a lot more in. I never go out after dark unless I'm with people, I don't reveal too much about myself and I cover my.
6 top female travel bloggers reveal why women love traveling in India and share their favourite India moments, top destinations and tips for.
In this interview, Mariellen reveals how women can travel India safely. There are some specific tips on my India safety blog post, like getting....

Female bloggers reveal women love traveling india - - travel

Misconceptions like these are often birthed by a select few, but truth is that India just doesnt bother to defend its image internationally. I went to Shillong a couple of times when I was working on the Rickshaw Run, and was surprised by how little tourism it sees compared to other parts of the country. Especially, if you go into the remote places, the villages, you will find people are so warm and generous. People have to love it.

female bloggers reveal women love traveling india

Find out more about me. Yes, you should foreign travel advice egypt safety security your ability and do things confidently. But i must say that if you are a travel enthusiast then you must consider visiting India as it promises rich heritage and culture experience than any other country. Kashmir easy trips rome an enriching land — it has got so much more to offer than just natural beauty. At least having one other person helps a lot! Hi, glad you liked the post. She travels the world and paints beautiful watercolor images of what she sees. Just a note to say that carrying pepper spray in the UK is illegal, so think twice before carrying it on the streets of London Thanks for pointing that out, Shalinee! Despite the stares, a scam and coming back home with a nasty female bloggers reveal women love traveling india, I felt moved. And yeah, when you go for shopping be cautious as many people on seeing a foreigner charge almost double or sometimes even much more than they charge a localite for the same product. It is nice to see that you had a great experience. The experience was amazing and by doing it by myself I met tons of awesome people and I learned a lesson from every single one of. These landlocked area has a raw scenic beauty unmatched anywhere in India except probably the Silent Valley in Kerala. I am aware that it would be hard travelling, not a walk in a park like a trip to France or Germany. I spent six fantastic months in Southeast Asia and turned my travel blog into a full-time business. But it has started. This kind of behavior can be seen in any class of the Indian society. To have the choice to remain single and go travelling alone is a privledge most Indian girls would not even dream about, female bloggers reveal women love traveling india.

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  • Do come back with other questions. She writes for many print and online sites, co-founded the Toronto Travel Massive, Delhi Travel Massive and founded the WeGoSolo online community for female solo travellers.
  • You are most welcome to visit Bangladesh and invited to have a cup of coffee with us! Mobile phone- This is not only useful for safety reasons, but also for booking trains and transport.
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Female bloggers reveal women love traveling india - - tri

It is a continual process of being wise and keenly listening to your instincts — just as you would anywhere else in the world. Relationship We Found This Heartwarming Love Story At The Lucknow Pride Parade. So many backpackers have told me of gropings, leering, and dangerous situations they have narrowly avoided through what seemed to be quite accidental, small misteps. I have stayed at Goa for a long time, and yes its culture closely resembles what most westerns are used to. Kerala where it is much more laid back than the north. You may find yourself invited to a wedding, a dinner, a village, or a special event, and since you will be the guest of a local woman, you will have the chance to experience things more deeply. Even if you follow the suggestions mentioned here so far and elsewhere on the web, harassment might still happen.

female bloggers reveal women love traveling india