Europe travel guide belgium book train

europe travel guide belgium book train

This guide will help you understand how train travel works and how to do it cheap. European trains run on schedule well over 90% of the time, but flights trains and high-speed Thalys trains that link major Belgian cities to.
(All rail passes that cover Belgium also cover the Netherlands and If you decide against a pass, see our general tips for buying point-to-point tickets in Europe. How do I see whether a rail pass makes sense for my trip in particular? in addition to a rail pass that covers Benelux and/or France (reserve as far ahead.
But Belgium rewards with richer sights than you might expect — and fewer tourist crowds. You'll encounter some of Europe's finest cuisine, including the best beer, creamiest chocolates, and Travel Tips · Rail Passes FAQ · Ask Us · Trip Consulting · Visit the Travel Center · Guidebook Updates · Submit Book Feedback..

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The nice thing about the pass is there convenience but sometimes you pay a little extra for it. Although geographically small, Belgium is bursting with sites and activities. The Eurostar stops at the Paris North station, but then you have to travel to the Paris East station to catch the train from Paris to Lyon because there are no direct trains from London to Lyon. Reduced rate card right now, even before having any firm. Click here to get your reservation. Take an InterCity train from The Hague or Rotterdam to Brussels.
europe travel guide belgium book train

6 Unwritten Rules of European Train Travel

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How to use your pass Reservation Service Help. Need to make a reservation? Book Tickets in Advance:.

europe travel guide belgium book train