Gunnar garfors travels every country

gunnar garfors travels every country

This is a list of people by number of countries and territories visited. There are a number of people claiming to have visited every country in the Gunnar Garfors, 198, Gunnar decided to make it his mission to travel to every on May 8, earning him the title of the youngest person to travel to every country.
The Independent Travel. gunnar - garfors Gunnar Garfors visited all 198 countries in the world by the time he turned 37. So when.
IT MAY sound impossible but Gunnar Garfors has travelled to all 196 countries while keeping his full-time How this man travelled to EVERY country in the world and still kept his full-time job Gunnar Garfors on his travels...

Gunnar garfors travels every country - - going

Please go to Windows Updates and install the latest version. This was later accepted as a Guinness World Record. Police and government official try... I might have to aspire to that… Congratulations, again! Very interesting to read this article. A Tribute to Cannonball Run II..

gunnar garfors travels every country

If you could choose to settle down and live in any country in the world except lovely Norway where would it be? When Gunnar sets a goal, he wants it to be logic, explainable and achievable. However, not wanting to miss out on the chance to congratulate her son, she had prepared a letter for the occasion which was read to him by his sister. Would love to get some info of you next time I'm in town. I therefore also count Kosovo, Western Sahara and Taiwan. Kosovo, Western Sahara and Taiwan are therefore also counted. Fox Around the World. Lifestyle wine county weekend tickets going a very useful article. Gunnar garfors travels every country well, enough obnoxious bragging. Garfors praised its "stunning nature, colourful markets and very friendly people". Please choose your username under which you would like all your comments to show up:. He's the youngest American to travel to all sovereign nations. Follow Business Insider UK on Twitter. Garfors visited the Door To Hell in the middle of the dessert in Turkmenistan.

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  • This Great article referring to good topic. Nothing could me more wonderful than the feeling you would be having after visiting all the countries.
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Get the best of Business Insider delivered to your inbox every day. It's been battered and beaten by winds and waves for a million years, and it is still there! While in Artush, a tiny mountain village in Tajikistan, located in Central Asia, Garfors stayed at the home of a local teacher. Very impressive list of countries. This was Garfors' stash of cash and credit cards he used during his travels through Uzbekistan. Also as the previous commenter points out, Greenland may be seen as a country as well by many, although Greenland is not referred to as a "country" by Danish law.

gunnar garfors travels every country

Expedition: Gunnar garfors travels every country

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