Education traveling trunk program

education traveling trunk program

Learn more about the classroom resources offered by the Library's education program.
Intended as a supplemental educational resource and as an outreach program for schools unable to visit the Museum, the Traveling Trunks are a unique.
Can't get to the museum? Let us bring the museum to you! Traveling Trunk Sponsor of the Month In April, Service Credit Union is sponsoring a trunk, which will...

Education traveling trunk program -- traveling cheap

This trunk includes self-contained instructional. Discover how Portland has changed and grown in the last one hundred years and how community participation builds a city! On Wednesday or Thursday during your scheduled week, a member of the Trust's education team will email you shipping instructions and a prepaid UPS label to get the trunk to the next teacher. This is a fantastic partnership and one that not only educates kids in the classroom, but outside of it, as families of children served by this program can visit the Museum for FREE.
education traveling trunk program

Traveling Trunk Sponsor of the Month. If a teacher returns a trunk late, then the next scheduled teacher will receive the trunk late. Lesson plans focus on reading content to address the Voluntary Curricula for social studies and reading. Sign Up for Our Newsletter. This scholarship will pay for a trunk rental including shipping costs to your school. All Traveling Trunks meet South Carolina Social Studies and Language Arts Standards. Second Sunday Stroll Melrose Heights. The Life and Times of the First. There is something fun for everyone! Each trunk ford expedition limited warsaw missouri be reserved for a three-week period. WWI Traveling Trunk Guide. While each trunk focuses on using primary sources in the classroom, education traveling trunk program can be used outside of the social studies classroom and in cross-curricular instruction. Join HC for an evening lecture. Teachers are responsible for returning all the items in the trunk. For example, education traveling trunk program, the Saving Our Seas!

Education traveling trunk program expedition

Become a volunteer for HC! Each trunk may be reserved for a three-week period. Would you like to sponsor this education program for a school? Bringing the Museum to your school! Here is everything you need to know about reserving a Traveling Treasures Trunk:. Compare and contrast propaganda from various countries with a focus on the U.

education traveling trunk program

Education traveling trunk program - going

Homeschool Friday: Arsenal Hill. Utilize lesson plans to dig deeper and learn more.

education traveling trunk program