Lisbon portugal trip report

lisbon portugal trip report

If you have not already please read about our four day trip to Lisbon, Sintra and Porto here. Here are some things we learned in Portugal that may help you plan.
I have heard many good things about Portugal, so I was fortunate to have a business trip there earlier this year. I didn't have much time to.
This trip report will focus on the trip that my wife, Nikki, and I took to Lisboa (or Lisbon if you like) in Portugal in the period from May 12th - 16th In Lisbon.

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Very helpful as we have the same itinerary end of this month except we're skipping Granada. They are common in Macau and Hong Kong, and I even remember enjoying them when flying on Cathay Pacific First Class.

lisbon portugal trip report

It is quite impressive to see that you can actually. What is there for kids to do in Lisbon? Lisbon trip report by Governator. At Rossio there is a place called. I have never written travel related posts.

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The lady was almost. I will most definitely return to Portugal. But it is a pity that you have not been able to visit some of the must-see attractions in Lisbon and Sintra... How do I get to Sintra? Maria from the upper levels at the monastery. The rooftops seem to obsess photographers and artists alike. We met this old lady and just to confirm that we were on the right way. Safe Payment for your Holiday Rental.

lisbon portugal trip report