Expeditions halong river

expeditions halong river

Halong Bay & The Red River River Cruises. The Song Hong or Red River rises deep in Yunnan mountains of south-west China to flow 714 EXPEDITIONS.
RV Angkor Pandaw of Pandaw River Expeditions. 20 May incredible itineraries to Halong Bay and then on the rarely travelled Red River in Northern Vietnam.
Visit Halong Bay, Vietnam as an add on to a Mekong luxury cruise between in the Aqua Expeditions Mekong River cruise rates and are priced separately....

Expeditions halong river - travel

We love the timeless colonial style. We pass the Ba Vi National Park with its rich and diverse tropical and sub-tropical flora and fauna before arriving at Hoa Binh. Wind through dramatic mountain scenery or observe scenes of everyday life, experiencing the world through the nostalgic lens of train travel. We will be cruising in the morning.

expeditions halong river

Lion-ised in Hanoi: Pandaw passengers get the warmest of Vietnamese welcomes. We will then sail on Thai Binh River to Thanh Ha. Today we will be cruising towards Hanoi. In the morning we sail upsteam on the Red River to Dien Xa village where we will walk to the bonsai village and meet with local artists and share their bonsai experience. Return international flights from expeditions halong river UK, and transfers in Vietnam. Photos From Our Travelers.