Honda travellin lyrics

honda travellin lyrics

Mos Def performing travellin ' man with dj honda lyrics: Intro: yeah yo yo what time the plane leavin? ahhh.
[Hip Hop/Rap] Yeah yo, yo what time the plane leavin'? Alright, I'll see you at the airport Memories don't live like people do They always.
Lyrics to " Travellin Man (Remix)" song by DJ HONDA: Here we go y'all Ge ge ge ge ge get down, and get down Ge ge ge ge ge get down, and get down and i.

Honda travellin lyrics travel

Kiss my cheek and see me gone. Wit hace I get snappy, hit the corner hail a cabby. D DJ Honda Travellin' Man Feat. honda travellin lyrics

Honda travellin lyrics - tour Seoul

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