Honda travellin remix lyrics

honda travellin remix lyrics

Lyrics to ' Travellin Man Remix ' by Mos Def. Memories Highlight lyrics to add Meanings, Special Memories, and Misheard Lyrics. Smith, Dante / Dj Honda.
Travellin man remix lyrics: [mos def] Here we go y'all Ge ge ge ge ge get I'm a travellin man, movin through The mighty mos def on dj honda production.
Dj Honda Travellin Man Remix Lyrics. Travellin Man Remix lyrics performed by Dj Honda: (feat. Mos Def) [Mos Def] Here we go y'all..

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Georgia make us generate. Break it down with the vintage. God willin' I'm comin' back to you. Wether things are good or bad, its just the memories. I'm stayin farm fresh, I ain't Mos Def for nuttin. They celebrate to my jams in foreign lands. Been a pleasure to know y'all. DC all over the world we go.

Wash up my face and start my back packin. Ge ge ge ge ge get down, and get down and it's yours. Crossin borders of land, along the sands of time. Say ichiban, make yard man know where ya getti from?? And they think you prime-timin'. DC make me stimulate. Verified artists on the song. I'll see you at the airport. But now I'm swayze, three minutes and change, you know the game. Ain't got the state, but we could prob'ly run a back a town. My garment bag I snatch it. When you're gone I am longing to see. Phenomenon, 'scuse me that's a phone call, honda travellin remix lyrics. Mos Def - Travellin man remix lyrics. Baby don't forget me, I'm a travellin' man. My baby girl is walkin', been away for that long. Easily taken for granted when you up in it but its sweet scented. Been a pleasure to know y'all. May God man well where feature family travel spots marylands eastern shore getting .

Mos Def - Travellin' Man (Phoniks Remix)

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They know it all across the planet that I'm so fresh. The most popular trailer songs.

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EDUCATION GIANT TRAVELING MAPS Top Song Lyrics Of The Week. Sarah Connor - Wie Schön Du Bist lyrics. Why not add your own? My home town is like a whole different scenery. And I'm lettin' you know that Memories don't live like people .
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