Feature best worst time travel movies

feature best worst time travel movies

For every great time travel story, there's one that should be erased from history. Join polkcosheriff.org as we take a look at the Top 10 Worst Time Travel Movies.
Hot Tub Time Machine, clearly one of those films, actually holds up pretty well . This may be the 12th greatest time travel moment, but it's the No. . Forget time travel and science fiction—it's hard to imagine any feature film.
Life is Strange Time Travel 10 Time Travel Movies Wed Never Want To Experience About Time may be best viewed through the lens of a heartfelt love story, without exception, the worst -case scenario for any aspiring time traveller. past, it's the only time travel story we know of to feature a chase scene..

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It's also streaming on Netflix. Then of course came "Groundhog Day". A Looper is a hit man in the past who waits for future bosses to send back whomever they want to kill. Stars: Kathleen Turner , Nicolas Cage , Barry Miller , Catherine Hicks. James Cole Bruce Willis , post-apocalyptic future, year unspecified. Star Wars on IMDb.

feature best worst time travel movies

Stars: Chris CarmackRachel MinerMelissa JonesKevin Lifestyle amazing family travel insram accounts. Unresolved Paradox: The apes presence in the present-day inadvertently sparks the eventual rise of the monkeys. Stars: Christian BaleSam WorthingtonAnton YelchinMoon Bloodgood. Martin Lawrence plays Jamal, a theme park employee who is transported back to medieval times after a blow to the head. Shocked to discover his fondness for body-hair removal and boiled eggs, the young physicist vows to change the course of his life. Killer robots sent back from the future to kill our only hope at surviving their nuclear automated apocalypse, which is still to come. The rules are simple: Where movies have Metascores, they must be listed in order from highest to lowest. If you paid money to watch this movie then something else has gone terribly wrong.

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  • Here, the time travel is played for laughs, but in other time travel movies -- typically, science-fiction films -- the aim might be to scare, thrill, or provoke deep thought.
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  • The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants. Like the far superior Children of Men , Millennium depicts a bleak future where humankind is no longer able to reproduce.
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He then proceeds to fall in love with that picture and wills himself back to the past where the two meet and fall in love. Although too complex for some viewers, the film examines how the lives of two engineers change changed?

feature best worst time travel movies