February good time travel europe

february good time travel europe

If you are not looking for local festivals, January is a pretty good -- although probably not the best -- month to visit Italy. Whilst you do encounter plenty of tourists.
With my work schedule, it appears the best time for me to take a vacation will be in January, and at the latest early February. Unfortunately, with.
Fortunately, Europe welcomes visitors 365 days a year — and each season offers a Summer is a great time to travel — except for the crowds and high in shoulder season, and where you want the best weather and longest days possible.

February good time travel europe going easy

Or Sign in using:. We love that time of year for visit to Paris. Things to Do in Germany. Museums were in full swing all winter except Mondays, of course.

february good time travel europe

I DID like being able to visit places on February good time travel europe in Berlin without waiting in long lines. Photo: Neuschwanstein image by Rumpelfuss from polkcosheriff.org Europe is a year-round travel destination, where any time is a good time to visit some corner of the continent. A number of festivals and summer events are held across Eastern Europe at this time of year too with long days of sunlight extending sightseeing potential in northern Europe. I really can't recommend Croatia and Montenegro in January. One more thought hcky: Sometimes, the places that are accustomed to very cold weather do better with heating their indoor spaces than places that figure it's rare to really need it. Where do you want to go in Spain? On the minus side, days are short, snow and fog may block transportation, it can get very cold above all in continental Europe. I will say that I scrapped plans to visit the Berner Oberland in Switzerland as I realized I wasn't equipped shoe-wise. AustriaFranceGermanyGreeceHungaryIrelandItalyPoland"february good time travel europe", United Kingdom. Barcelona offers a real mix of indoor and outdoor, but some of its beach party feel is lost if it gets rainy. So if you are traveling on a budget and hoping for bed-and-breakfast type accommodations, you might think about Prague or Berlin and such places. It's one of those 'you gotta find it' places that once found explore road trip quotes a favourite. Preferably not a ton of rain but i have rain boots that I an take with me. Working out the best time to visit Europe wholly depends on what you want to do during your holiday - lounging on a sandy beach under the sun or wrapping up for a snowy adventure? You visited CITIES, not countries. References Lonely Planet Europe: Weather Smarter Travel: When to Visit Europe Bugbog: European Festivals Resources Rick Steves' Europe: Travel Tips About the Author Dear Hiring Manager, With experience as a newspaper reporter, freelancer, and as a marketing company assistant, I have ample experience writing professional, straightforward copy.

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